The Company has passed global textile recycled standard (GRS) certification.


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The Company has been dedicated to the research and development, production, sales and services of environmentally friendly polyester fibers. Several domestic advanced production lines of polyester staple fiber and colored fiber as well as modified polyester staple fiber can meet various needs. Its main products, made in pursuit of the idea of “no dyeing and environmental protection, green textile”, include down-like fiber, recycled polyester staple fiber, superfine denier fiber, colored fiber, hollow fiber and functional fiber and other varieties. We produce recycled polyester staple fibers from recycling of polyester products, helping reduce waste and energy use. We manufacture colored polyester fibers by means of dope dyeing process, realizing mass-coloured dyeing that means fiber production and dyeing are carried out simultaneously, saving much water for post-dyeing. We have established excellent cooperation with many domestic manufacturers and expanded business to overseas markets including the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and U.S., etc.

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  • Wuxi Boporea Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. successfully passed the global recycling standard GRS certification

    On December 15, 2017, Wuxi Boporea Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. received the GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certificate, which marks that the chemical fiber produced by ChengYide environmental protection has been “green production” global pass, qualified for plastic ...

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